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School Lectures For Prophetic Module 2 - Prophetic Training

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1. Understanding Prophetic Preparation

Your maturity comes when you have learned how to stand in the throne room of the Father and speak with Him, rather than standing at the other end of the hall preaching up a storm on your own.

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2. Avoiding the Leg Breaking Experience

When someone kicks up on the cross and refuses to die, the soldiers would have to break their legs so that they would die. Prophet, learn how to avoid this and just “Die Already!”

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3. Preparation of the Soul

God will prepare your mind, emotions, and will for the walk ahead of you. Your likes and dislikes, as well as what you think and what you feel, will all be called to death so that you might take on the image of Christ.

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4. Templates and Triggers

Your life experiences have shaped the way you think and feel about certain situations, both in a positive and negative way. It is time to identify when those positive and negative experiences are coming up and are stopping you from walking out the call on your life.

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5. Inner Healing

When those negative templates come upon you, they are painful, but God wants to go back and bring healing to the you that was broken and hurt.

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6. Building Spiritual Templates

Just like you have positive templates that trigger good feelings, it is time to build spiritual templates that will be your weapons of warfare whenever you need them.

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7. How To Minister Inner Healing

Now that you have gone through inner healing, you must understand how to help others go through the process of receiving healing from Jesus for their past hurts.

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8. The Process from Death to Resurrection

Why you have to die and that you cannot stay dead is the core of a prophet. You will face a death and resurrection process like no other that will make you into the image of Christ himself.

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9. The Categories of the Prophet

There is more than one type of prophet and each type has a specific role to play. Depending on what type you have been called to, will determine what you will be challenged with during your training.

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10. Prophetic Training Phase 1: Brook Cherith

The sweet phase of your training where you and Jesus get to sit on the beach together drinking sweet concoctions and you came to know the “lover of your soul” in a way you have never thought possible.

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11. Prophetic Training Phase 2: Zarephath

Facing the weaknesses that you run away from or avoid to make them into strengths happens during this phase.

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12. Prophetic Training Phase 3: Carmel

Carmel, the phase of maturity. This is when your maturity as a prophet will be tested and you will have to decide if you are willing to let go of your needs to minister to God’s people.

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13. Prophetic Mentorship and Discipleship

The role of a mentor or a disciple is very important. You must understand what those roles look like and what is required of them in order to receive or pour out all that you need to.

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14. The Responsibility of both Mentor and Disciple

The pressures and responsibilities placed on a disciple and a trainer are no joke. You better know what they are so that you may receive the tools being given to you during your training.

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